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We’re a civic imagination consultancy that helps boost your efficacy through creative ideation, planning, and implementation.

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“My job is to empower you to pinpoint your dynamic capability and give voice to, take ownership of, and achieve your prioritized personal, professional, and organizational goals.”

- Traymone Deadwyler

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Think for Good

We focus on helping individuals and organizations develop a fundamental understanding of their identity and purpose. From education and nonprofits to government agencies and tech companies, we are keenly aware of the challenges you may face every day.

We work deliberately to empower you and your teams to unlock your dynamic capability, enabling you to achieve your prioritized personal, professional, and organizational goals. As partners, we can brave the challenges of life and leadership together.

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We focus on personality, character, mission, and culture, rather than job title and status. Our goal is to ensure you feel seen, heard, and known through our transparent and empathetic approach.


Our hearts are fulfilled by encouraging people like you, and shifting the mindsets of those who may be stuck or seeking an opportunity to grow and lead. Our coaching and methodologies are the catalysts for bold decisions in life and leadership.


Through our innovative assessment and evaluative practices, we help clients infuse their strengths to break down silos, and ultimately attain desired outcomes with immediate, practical, sustaining steps of action.

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